Welcome to the end of now


Welcome to the end of now,

You have entered an in-between land, a space to incubate change, to envision together a possible horizon, not a border nor a limit,  not a sofa but a rocking chair…  a joyful reading space shifting our views, narratives and practices… a balancing act that requires steady movement and a constant push forward.

The aim of this platform is to refresh our critical and representational environment in tune with current societal transformations and in partnership with others… others like you, creatives and designers, writers, researchers, artists, individuals  etc … (thus, using various media tools) with the desire to bridge with implicated audiences and communities.
Involving artistic, cultural and intercultural cooperation processes, our incentive is to create the situations for a variety of qualitative contributions, gathering people around common concerns and subject matters to pursue.We invite you to propose project narratives presented through multimedia formats so as to broaden, and twist representation(s). We invite you to use this space as your own land, as an elevator looking for collaborative, ever moving production frames of knowledge.
The user of the platform, provided with a larger landscape of interconnections, is invited to underscore issues of his/her choice, and imagine and feed new rhizomes and connections.

We look forward to watching and hearing your voices and stories….